How to identify your real business opportunities and clarify your USP

In this FREE webinar series, I will share some tools and strategies to help you identify the real business opportunities and build customers

FREE webinar series relevant to startups and small businesses, starting on Tues 15th Sep at 8pm AEST.

Topic: How to identify your real business opportunities and clarify your unique selling point.

If you’re a startup or small businesses with a great idea but unsure about the real market opportunity OR you have been in business for a while, but looking for new growth opportunities due to Covid 19 and/or failing to pivot your business the way you intended, then this webinar series is for you (as well as your business partners and team).

In the first webinar session (out of 9), we will focus on Category Opportunity Mapping.


Hi. My name is Kristine Bell. I am the founder of SPARK IT Insights & Ideas.

I have 20+ years working internationally as Customer Strategist, Insight Expert and Workshop Facilitator in Advertising, Branding & Innovation and Market Research across a wide range of sectors and brands.

I have a B.Sc. in Business Administration, M.Sc. in Economics and Marketing (CBS, Copenhagen), MBA (GSB, Cape Town).

Please find out more on my website:

My intentions for this FREE weekly webinar series are:

  1. Inspire new insights, ideas and creative leaps in your business
  2. Empower successful strategies and solutions that will grow and pivot your business
  3. Build meaningful, lasting customer relationships.

Each webinar session is approx. 40-45 mins long.

This is an invite to the first episode out of 9 only.

The complete webinar programme is as follows:

Episode 1: Category Opportunity Mapping (Tues 15th Sep)

Episode 2: Trends & Future Opportunities (Tues 22 Sep)

Episode 3: How to Stand Out from Competitors (Tues 29 Sep)

Episode 4: Identifying your Ideal Customers (Tues 6 Oct )

Episode 5: Delivering to Customers’ Emotional Needs (Tues 13 Oct)

Episode 6: Aligning Your Capabilities with Business Opportunities (Tues 20 Oct)

Episode 7: Validating and Clarifying your Unique Selling Point (Tues 27 Oct)

Episode 8: Shaping Smart Strategies for Sustainable Success (Tues 3 Nov)

Episode 9: Creating from a place of love and expansion, not fear! (Tues 10 Nov)

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