How to co-create an engaging and unique brand blue print with customers



333 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Sydney, NSW, AU, 2000

Is this you?

1) You have a great business idea and getting ready to launch it?

2) You have launched your business but realise you need a more powerful brand positioning that customers’ will love and recommend?

3) You have an innate curiosity about people and how we interact with brands as customers?

If so, then you are invited to come along to my Meet Up event on Wednesday 6th March 2019 where I will share with you how you co-create your brand promise and blue print with your customers, ensuring it adds value and meaning to them. The talk will include a brand positioning framework, ways to gain valuable customers insights and examples.

In this talk, I will be gleaning from human needs, behavioural science and branding theories as well as my own experience working internationally for 20 years as a Strategist and Qualitative Researcher in Advertising, Brand & Innovation Consultancies and Market Research.

You will also have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with like-minded, passionate business leaders.

You just need to bring yourself and any friends you would like to invite.


6:00 – Meet, greet & networking

6:30 – Amazing Learning and sharing of insights & ideas begin. There will be several opportunities to network.

7:20 – More networking and farewells till close (at 8pm-ish)


This free session is valued at $197 + GST and it’s my gift to you.

Food & Drinks

WeWork offers water, beer and cider on tap. There will also be limited wine and snacks on offer. You are also welcome to bring along some food/drinks to share/snack on.


Closest parking is Wilson Parking Lang Street. Entry after 5pm is $12 online. Closest train station is Wynyard. Entry locks at 6pm, so please arrive early if possible, however someone will be there until 6.25pm to swipe you in. After this you may not be able to enter.

Networking Opportunity, Please Bring Cards

You will have a great time and the chance to meet other like-minded leaders. Bring cards, network, make new friends and do business!

Thank you

I love helping the business community and greatly appreciate you sharing content, inviting your friends and considering hiring me to help you. If you are a Business Owner on a mission, this may be perfect for you and please RSVP below. If you do book in and if you can’t make it, please cancel your booking ASAP so someone can take your spot (as places are limited).

Contact Details & Host

Kristine Bell, SPARK IT insights & ideas,

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

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