Case Study

Ice Cream Scoop Stores

• Understand causes for decline in transactions in AUS and NZ.
• Explore solutions to growing traffic and transactions.

• In-store interviews and observations across 6 stores in AUS and NZ.
• Total of 134+ face to face customer interviews.

• Values and beliefs around food, diets, processes, etc.
• Relationship with treats and desserts, incl. scoop ice cream.
• The key occasion and impact on the decision process.
• Competitor threats and opportunities.
• Embedded, emotive brand associations and experience.
• Scoop store experience incl. drivers and barriers.
• How to grow emotional connection and relevance of ice cream brand.

Case Study

Adult Snack Innovation

Create an adult snack for the health aisle.

• ‘Master Chef’ friendship triads with ‘hobby cook’.
• Each team created a new adult snack product as homework.
• Everyone took part in a workshop, which included:
• Each team presenting their ideas.
• Exploring the underlying values, beliefs and needs.
• Understanding how their snack idea offers benefits.
• Each team had a Q&A with a panel of experts to refine their ideas. All the teams presented their final product idea and pack design. The other teams had a chance to input on ideas too.

• A number of new adult snack products and future white space opportunities.
• Deep insights into values, beliefs, needs and emotive motivations. An understanding of white space opportunities.


  • I’ve known Kristine since her previous job in the UK many years ago. She has gained my respect with her sharp mind, attention to detail and high level of commitment. Working with Kristine is a pleasurable experience. She is professional, conscientious and very enthusiastic. Leading workshops amongst key stakeholders requires many skillsets, and Kristine is extremely skillful in the way she is able to make the workshop very effective. At the end of it, we had so much new, yet relevant insights to work on. I would recommend Kristine to anyone wanting market research expertise

    Warisara (Cherry) Kittisubkul-Bergholdt

    Global CMI, Unilever

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Kristine on many research projects and have long been impressed by her talent as a researcher and strategist. Kristine has outstanding communication skills, and is great at unearthing actionable consumer insights that are sure to inspire transformation and growth in your business. She is also excellent at understanding different consumer industries and their nuances, and I would be more than happy to recommend Kristine to future clients

    Lesley Bridge

    Marketing at Yum! Brands