About Kristine Bell, Customer Strategist

Hi and welcome! I’m Kristine, the founder of SPARKIT Insights & Strategy.
At SPARKIT we are passionate about helping businesses create meaningful customer connections and build relationships for life. We use the power of qualitative research to connect with consumers’ heart and minds and discover meaningful insights. Through analysis and strategy we turn these insights into opportunities that grow brands and businesses.

Kristine has 20+ years experience as an Insight and Qualitative Research Expert, Strategist and Workshop Facilitator, working internationally in Advertising, Branding & Innovation and Market Research.

Sector experience includes: FMCG incl. food and beverages, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, Grocery, Financial Services, Beauty and Healthcare.

Professional qualifications include a B.Sc. in Business Administration, M.Sc. in Marketing & Economics (CBS, Copenhagen), MBA (GSB, Cape Town).

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Meaningful connections are at the heart of
SPARKIT’s business offer and core values.

Core Values



Customer Portraits

Fostering meaningful relationships

Understanding who your real customers are and what’s important to them.


Identifying Opportunities

Discovering the best way to bring your offering to life.


Building Brands

Connecting with consumers to build enduring relationships.

Customer Experience

Creating Solutions

The partner you need to put your customers at the heart of your business.


Messaging that Connects

Refining your messages so consumers emotionally connect with them.



SPARKIT offers end-to-end qualitative research and strategy projects.

Customer Co-Creation Workshops

SPARKIT offers customised workshops that allows businesses to put customers at the heart of business and brand decisions.

Training & Co-creation

SPARKIT offers training and co-creation sessions to start-ups and SME’s looking to align their passion with real customer needs to grow successful, sustainable businesses.

Your customers are the heart of your business. Learn how to connect, understand and keep them close.